Reviews Policy

Hub Business Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage Business Reviews on the Website

Positive Review Process

Positive reviews will be published onto the website within 1 week of posting.  Where the information is not clear, or in the case where there is any concern about the review being genuine, we will follow up via the email address provided, to ensure appropriate evidence, and further information to validate the claim is supplied.  Reviews will not be published, unless we are confident that they are real and verifiable.

Negative Review Process

Negative reviews are not posted to our site, as per legal advice received.  However, we follow up all negative reviews, log these in our system, and will take appropriate action where we feel the review is genuine, serious, and there is clear independent evidence to support it.  In a number of cases, we have used these reviews to remove business directory members from our directory, and will continue to do so, as we do not want businesses with a poor service record being represented on our site.

All supporting documentation will need to be emailed to our reviews email address.  We will follow up with you within 1 week of the review being posted if supporting documentation is not received, or if we have any further questions regarding the documentation supplied.  

Sources of supporting documentation may include VCAT resolutions, emails, independent reviews, certified photos etc.  All documentation must be independently verified to be considered.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and take all steps to ensure that any negative reviews are genuine, and not the source of personal vendetta, or competitor sabotage.  We also ensure we receive evidence and information from both parties, so please be aware that any evidence you supply to us, may be passed on to the other party for discussion.

Please send any supporting documentation to