Terms and Conditions

1. Membership fees cover a 12 month period from the date of registration.  

2. Bayside Community Hub Business Directory membership is open to members living within, a businesses registered within, or a business with an operating office/premises leased under their business name, within a 15km radius of Sandringham.  Proof of business registration, premises lease agreement or residential address must be provided on request.

3. Businesses must apply to join the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory directly, rather than through a third party organisation.

4.  Businesses can join our facebook groups using a personal or business account, however your business account can only be a member of our groups whilst your subscription remains active.  Failure to renew your subscription will result in removal of your business account from our Facebook groups.

5. Multi-distribution or Party Plan businesses such as Isagenix, Herbalife, Arbonne, Tupperware, Juice Plus, Rodan and Fields etc. are not eligible to join, along with any businesses selling products from these companies.

6. Businesses directly selling a product where there is an age limitation eg. alcohol, adult DVD’s etc., need to email us to determine whether you are eligible to join the business directory. Please note that restaurants, wine bars etc. with appropriate liquor licenses in place are eligible to join.

7. Businesses that are not well known within the community, or who have not been recommended by other directory members, may be required to provide references in order to be accepted onto the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory. You will be advised after your initial application if this is required, and your membership payment will be refunded in full if you are not accepted.

8. Private businesses joining the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory must pay the scheduled registration fee. Scheduled fees for the 12 month period depend on the advertising subscription you select, and can be found on our membership subscription page.  Please note that our Service Level Agreement from point of payment to confirming your application is 7 days, and you will not be able to advertise your business until you have been confirmed via email.

9.  For the period of 2 weeks from registration, you are welcome to email through edits to your profile to adjust it until you are satisfied. From that point onwards, any edits to your profile must be submitted and paid for via the Edit Request service.  For this reason, we suggest you only include static information in your website profile, and leave dynamic information such as pricing, opening hours etc for your Facebook Posts.

10.  Your membership can only be used to promote the business you have registered.  You cannot use your ads to promote a business that is not registered on the business directory, either as an individual or collaborative post.  Promotional visibility on Bayside Hub groups is only available to our registered member businesses.

11. All Not-For-Profit businesses and community clubs are exempt from the yearly registration fee and advertising restrictions.  This allows them to promote on our Facebook groups, however a profile will note be created on our website. Documentation confirming the not-for-profit status may be requested from the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory administration team.  Please email admin@baysidecommunityhub.com.au if you are a NFP, rather than joining directory.

12. Services provided by membership of the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory are defined as follows:

  • Website – Inclusion on the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory Website (SLA to add new businesses is within 7 days from receipt of payment)
  • Bayside Business Directory Advertising Facebook Group – Access to advertise on the Bayside Business Directory Advertising group. Advertising is unrestricted on this group for Business Directory members, so you can advertise whenever you like.  Posts on this group will be pending until approved by Admin, and our Service Level Agreement is to approve posts onto this group at least once a day.
  • Self-Recommendations – Ability to recommend your own business on all recommendation posts on the hubs – this is where you can put yourself forward and post your business details on recommendation request posts! It should be clear to the requester that you are recommending your own business if you use this option.
  • Bayside Community Hub and Beaumaris Community Hub Facebook Groups – Your advertising allocation on these groups will depend on the package you have selected. Please check the Packages page for more information. Any business-related post is considered as advertising, so must be counted within the advertising quota. All advertising posts on Bayside Community Hub and Beaumaris Community Hub must include the phrase “Admin Approved” at the start of the post. Any posts that do not meet these guidelines may be removed. Note, if you post the same advertisement on Bayside Hub and Beaumaris Hub, this will count as 2 ads towards your quota, not 1. Our Service Level Agreement is to approve ads within 2 hours of posting, between 7am and 10pm. Any ads posted outside of these hours will be approved the following morning.
  • New Business Introduction Post – All new businesses signing up the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory receive 1 additional post on top of their package quota. This allows you to post on the Bayside Community Hub group and introduce your business to our members.
  • Scheduled Bayside Community Hub Business Directory promotional events such as competition weeks, Christmas sale promotions, school holiday promotions etc – details will be provided as these opportunities arise throughout the year.

13. The Bayside Community Hub Business Directory provides a platform for you to promote your business, but it is the responsibility of each individual business to do their own marketing and advertising within the platform provided, unless you choose to utilise one of our advertising packages on top of your membership. 

14. If you are running a competition on the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory advertising platform (must have competitions included in your subscription or pay for them as an additional service), it is essential that all Facebook-defined competition rules are adhered to. These rules are set by Facebook and legally binding. Failure to adhere could result in our advertising platform being shut down permanently.

15. Membership of the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory (and potential removal from the Facebook groups) may be terminated as a result of the following (full registration fee will be refunded in the case of termination):

  • Negative feedback or complaint emails being received.
  • Failure to adhere to the advertising restrictions on Bayside Community Hub and Beaumaris Community Hub Facebook Groups.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the Terms and Conditions of Membership.
  • Abusive/Inappropriate communication with the Administration and Registration team.
  • Misuse of the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory contact information and/or advertising platform, including cold calling/emailing.
  • Removal from the Bayside Community Hub Facebook Groups for any reason.

16. Renewals – Renewals will be done automatically via the auto-renew option.  Reminders will be sent prior to the renewal period for your package, and you can choose to cancel your renew, upgrade/downgrade your package, or allow the system to renew as per current details.  If you choose to cancel your renewal and rejoin at a later date, an initial setup fee will apply, as you will be treated as a new client rather than a renewal.

17. The Bayside Community Hub Business Directory, Bayside Community Hub Business Directory Advertising Platforms, and all services provided by membership of the directory, are the property of Hub Business Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN: 29609839278).

All services relating to the Bayside Community Hub Business Directory (as specified above) must be provided by an employee of Hub Business Solutions Pty Ltd, or by someone directly contracted to provide services on behalf of Hub Business Solutions Pty Ltd. Bayside Community Hub Business Directory member organisations are directly nominated as authorised contractors to advertise on the Facebook Groups specified. 

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